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About us


For the past 20 years taxis from ELE TAXI have carried the residents of Warsaw and the capital city’s visitors, safely and comfortably. It’s not surprising, we are a taxi corporation after all. But we do not limit ourselves to standards. We are creating a new definition of what a taxi serviceand who a taxi driver is. We surprise! And when you get to know us, you will not want to change the corporation as the appetite for ELE TAXI is increasing with every kilometer.


ELE TAXI employs only licensed taxi drivers, in other words people who do not exercise this profession by chance.They know the city and its topography, have the right to use the bus lanes. They have experience in active driving, valid psycho-technical certifications, valid medical tests and a criminal record check. ELE TAXI is the only corporation in Poland which introduced compulsory training regarding road safety – first aid course for all of its taxi drivers. A licensed taxi driver at the steering wheel means your own safety.


There are more than 1,500 taxi cars, station wagons, limousines, buses and vans available to customers. You can be sure that will take you from point A to point B in a clean and roadworthy car. Think of what you need to do, and we will probably do it for you:
· transfer from airport or train station
· personal pick-up of guests from station hall
· personal pick-up of guests from arrivals hall
· service of delayed flights
· occasional transport (weddings, conferences, conventions)
· Ele Business Class service
· station wagons
· bus, option -: 5 + 1, 6 + 1, 7 + 1, 8 + 1
· shipping
· towing a car using a cable
· transporting car with a driver
· transport of animals
· shopping delivered to your door
· pick up by a driver who knows a particular foreign language


Airport, metro stations, bus stations, dozens of cinemas and theaters, hundreds of restaurants and clubs – you will find ELE TAXI taxis there. Our employees can be found in places with increased passenger traffic, they will help you in getting into a taxi, carry and load the luggage. You can count on them when your guests need to be picked up and taken to their destination. ELE TAXI is a corporation recommended by Chopin Airport in Warsaw. Our employees are in the arrivals hall at our Taxi Stand offering information and assistance with transport of visitors from the airport.