Among such companies was ELE TAXI corporation founded in 1991. From the very beginning ELE TAXI set new trends in services. It was ELE TAXI that was the first company in Poland to introduce a system of automatic non-cash settlements for companies, payment terminals with its proprietary Multiapplication allowing bank card payments in all its cabs and electronic invoicing immediately after the fare. It was ELE TAXI that was the first to enable its customers to have uniform settlement forms in the established TAXI Poland 19100 network, i.e. in 30 top corporations, in 30 cities of Poland.

historia eletaxi

It was ELE TAXI that was the first and only company in Europe to date to train more than 2,000 drivers in first aid. Thanks to this initiative, a group of Taxi Drivers – Road Rescue Workers was created, who, after completing the course of Qualified First Aid (KPP Certificate), were equipped by ELE TAXI with AED defibrillators (the company purchased them from its own funds), which is an absolute rarity not only in Europe, but also in the World. It is because of this initiative, among others, that ELE TAXI was awarded the title of COMPANY OF THE YEAR-“Road Safety Partner.”

With the development of technology and mobile applications, the cab service market has been changing rapidly. Thanks to its experienced staff, ELE TAXI did not deviate an inch from its competitors, offering modern solutions in the form of billing platforms for cooperating companies and mobile applications “ELE TAXI” and “TAXI Poland”.

Today ELE TAXI is one of the most professional, safe and trusted cab companies. We offer a very wide range of services to both individual and business customers.

With increasing environmental awareness and concern for the environment, ELE TAXI also takes this important aspect into account in its operations, taking steps to protect it.

Of course, this is just an overview of our history. As the cab service market is growing rapidly, we are writing more pages of history every day. Our motto: “Perform your services as you yourself would expect”.