Why us

ELE TAXI Poland is a huge group of more than 1100 employees and co-workers. We have with us colleagues who have been with the company practically since its inception, as well as young, articulate professionals.

We do not pay excessive attention to age, position or seniority. Instead, we focus on a collegial, relaxed atmosphere and mutual respect. All this, combined with excellent knowledge of the industry, means that we often understand each other without words.

Since the beginning of the company, that is, for almost 30 years (a long time, right?) everyone at ELE TAXI is a “colleague” or “friend” that is …before it became fashionable 😉.

Our customers, on the other hand, can always count on professional service and assistance in any matter. Whether we are dealing with a single individual client, a key company or a VIP client, we always perform our duties with integrity and commitment. Therefore, in this field too, we can boast a large base of companies that have been traveling with us for many years.