Billing Platform for Companies

The billing platform for companies (Client Zone) is a dedicated tool, thanks to which the controlling person (designated by the company) has full insight into what cab rides are carried out. Through the platform, you can easily manage your company account, you can assign each employee to the appropriate department or so-called MPK.

It is also possible to assign rights to cab rides based on codes (similar to BLIK) or virtual cards. Each code or card can have limits on rides set by the administrator (per course, per department, per month, etc.). The data assigned via the Client Zone is visible by employees in the mobile application ELE TAXI and TAXI Poland, as well as in the telephone exchange systems of companies belonging to the TAXI Poland network.

Thanks to this, it is possible to use cabs in more than 30 Polish cities, which will perform the service cashless, and at the end of the month the company will receive one invoice and a summary of rides according to the key individually personalized by them.

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