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Cab Business Class services for the most demanding client ele cab

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Mainly with business clients in mind, we have created ELE BUSINESS CLASS service.

It is intended for those who require “something more” than a ride in a standard cab – a service at the highest level, providing comfort, reliability and full professionalism.


This is possible thanks to a carefully selected fleet of cars of the following brands: MERCEDES, AUDI, BMW, VOLVO, guaranteeing passengers an exceptionally high level of comfort. Cars and their high quality are, of course, not everything.

Many years of experience in the organization and implementation of passenger transportation services have taught us that the foundation of ELE Business Class service must not be based solely on high quality cars. We know perfectly well that for the performance of such a service there must be a dedicated experienced driver who knows (besides Polish) English, characterized by impeccable personal culture, professionalism and pleasant appearance. The customer, choosing the ELE Business Class service, is guaranteed reliability, punctuality and expected comfort. Thanks to the fulfillment of all these conditions, the ELE Business Class service is ordered by our clients for conferences, business trips and airport transfers. The order of the service can be placed via the ELE TAXI mobile application, Call Center or by email: